Monday, 18 April 2011

For me Beauty is Inspiration

Beautiful it feels within when you let go your Beauty for others.

The beauty I’m advocating for is not just a velvety skin ravishingly sculpted by God but the beauty of clusters of wonderful thoughts, boundless affection and petals of emotions leading to your heart. I’m speaking of the beauty which is in you and only by you.

What is Beauty for you? Ever gave a thought to this? No..?Yes..?

For some Beauty is Devine. For some Beauty is Love. For some Beauty is the Truth. To me, Beauty is Inspiration.

Well Optimism is something one cannot stay away from for a long time, no matter how hard one has his experiences. One definitely cannot live all his life condemning and complaining for sure. Philosophy for Inspiration changes from soul to soul but what always remains the common is enlightenment from it.
Like every one of you, even I had some worst‘s’ and some best‘s’ out my life. It was only then struggling with the combination of “worst-best”, I discovered my own Beauty.
I had an English lesson at my high school- On The Face Of It. It’s an amazing play by Susan Hill showing the very positive side of world. 
Whatever may be the peel, underneath you’ll find the Beauty.

There are phases in ones life when one suffers. People do fear and making it heavy on your face, there’s actually no other way out. But even during the greatest despairs only one thing comes to Man’s rescue and that is his Beauty.
For some Beauty is Devine. For some Beauty is Love. For some Beauty is the Truth. For me Beauty is Inspiration.

In the past few months I’ve been inspired from quite a few people and one on the list is well know actress beautiful Lisa Ray. Battling off the Cancer is a real Big Deal. But what draws me more into her is her relentless eye for the value and quality and her sheer determination to work for the Common. Her compassion and sensitivity is proving a great healing force bringing awareness, cure and support to others.
Ofcourse there are a lot more people strong enough to kick out the grumpy ass of Cancer but the closest I’ve learned from is she. 
Aha! There’s no doubt that I’m a fanatical fan of Lisa Ray. Every time you read her, her witty and playful nature draws the little child out of you. And yes, never forget the golden glows of optimism surroundings wherever she go, makes her so idealistic.

There are certain periods when all we feel is despondent and all we have is melancholy. At times when you do so, try the easiest way to get inspired. Look at the mirror and say hello to the upcoming Hero. There are two plus points in doing this. One you’ll see how wonderful and marvelous it feels becoming your star. And Secondly you’ll get to know exactly what you have to do to be one.

Last year when I was going through such gloomy situations, I asked my self what I needed and then I scribbled out the Beauty which took me away from disbelieve to what we call confidence.

Have you ever experienced a fear?
A fear of loosing something that u craved from your whole heart.
A thing for which you prayed from your deepest thought, 
from your purest soul.
Did u ever have a life of sorry?
Ever had a thousand questions to a single answer?
Life says yes, it was and I had.

From the clouds to the trench,
From the air to the core,
With the fire of fear the drops that I wore.
Every single moment I craved
With every breathe I prayed
Just one more chance and I will never let it down
A sorry and a promise was the only thought that crowned.

Sobbing with the lost stare,
Bringing it on in every single prayer.
Relapsing into which made me so heavy,
Each passing second burned me more
With the flame of fear, with the heat of anxiety.

But still, still had a faith intact to my soul
Which made me believe I’m going to make it.
I’ll do it no matter what it takes
And I know
Somehow I’ll get it..
Because heart’s truth never lies.
And honesty of the desire never dies.



  1. Great. But my view is little different. Not entirely different but little different. Everything beautiful begins in the mind so for me mind is inspiration. We need to inspire our mind.
    A story for you

    Once upon a time a sculptor began to carve a statue. Alone in room with a large but shapeless piece of stone, he began to work with hammer and chisel. Small chip of stone began to fly from his chisel.
    A little boy came to the door, saw the sculptor, saw the shapeless piece of stone, saw the small chips falling, found nothing interesting and walked away.
    Three weeks later the little boy came to the door, looked inside again. The sculptor was there but now instead of the shapeless piece of stone, there was a beautiful lion, with proud head, huge mane, huge paws and twisting tail. The boy was captivated by the beauty of the carving and ran up to the sculptor and breathlessly asked, 'How did you know that there was a lion inside?'
    Where was the lion? Obviously, in the mind of the sculptor. Like all creations, it first existed in mind. Everything beautiful begins in the mind.
    P.S - I like Lisa Ray a lot

  2. Yes I do agree. As I already said that Philosophy of Inspiration vary from soul to soul, it is obvious that it may contradict some more views.
    Beautiful Mind is certainly the root.
    But what I mean here is a little different too. Its about something I felt within and just acted when their was a nudge from inside.
    I really appreciate your view. Thanks.

  3. your work is a beauty... ;)

  4. A Deep and profound Piece of writing, Beautifully executed, I'm dying to read more of your work
    Paul Devine

  5. Thank you Sir for the overwhelming appreciation. I'll upload something soon enough for you to read. :)

  6. ducky-doo, you're so damn good in writing.
    I like 'Ever had a thousand questions to a single answer?'. I think the post is about a lost, about sacrifying something/ someone
    that means a soul to you..and dedicating your life, your desire, to one hard circumstances you won't be able to break..and turn
    the grieves into beauty (writing..inspiration) to make you stand strong.

    correct me if I'm wrong..I have a limited duck-tionary ;)

  7. Gracious Kweeckypie.
    Although the blog is to make you stand strong at hard times but its not about just a soul or only one time depression. Its about the beauty thats hidden in every sorrow. You go on confronting your fate either smiling or nagging.
    This is here what I mean is to wait, look and hold the beauty in your eyes when you proceed through.
    Peel off anything that disgusts you and you'll start adoring it.

    I did lost something but you see it was not everything. So you're not wrong...
    I need a treat for that. ;)

  8. that ok to ask and publish here? don't make a noise..but I'm really curious. what happened to u? ** it's ok I think there's no one sneaking around here

  9. Ha! not so soon dear. Its a story for another time. I think it twill be okay not to proceed with the chain reactions hun. How about the treat day..You treat me and I'll spill the beans. ;)

  10. lol...ok, queen of implicits. do I look so desperate for the bean? not so soon, dear.. :p

  11. But I'm still looking forward to the coffee cafe day. Poetry Guitar and bowl Making M Matter. That has to be soon enough. :>

  12. poetry guitar?it'd take ur breath away..I can't afford the hospital :))