Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Something worth to start with...

I'm new to this blog thing so was unable to get what to start with.
Well friends after minutes and minutes of pacing up with the thoughts I actually  got something to be worth tracing. That is being simple and sober. May be that will be helpful to make you understand the tunes of my affection for you.

With a word I start, with a word I end;
My feelings are beyond, can only be felt.
Texts are not only for reading,
Thoughts are worn by the ink.
I share with the world, I share it with you
You are my friends, I want you to know that I love you.
Not all my words rhyme; 
Pardon me,
Its not the work of divine
But only the rhythmic feelings of my heart.
With a word I start,
With a word I end.
I just want my best feelings to be felt in silence.

-Richa (Ritzy)


  1. grt yr........ ur first blog is simply awesome.... :-);-)

  2. Nice. My best wishes for your blog..